Every student deserves a plan

A comprehensive tool for school management

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Why we build the Portal

Accessing information shouldn't be a job in itself

For far too long, school staff have had to build from scratch the basic tools they need to effectively do their jobs. We believe that NYC's principals and teachers deserve high-quality tools that make their jobs easier and save them time. The Portal centralizes critical information and organizes views so educators can focus on their students.

Success requires a common understanding

Supporting every student on their path through school is impossible if critical information is scattered, and high-stakes decisions are made in isolation. We believe success requires consistent, coordinated, and persistent effort. The Portal enables staff to collaborate around a shared picture of students and create a plan for every student to succeed.

NYC educators should drive design

One-size-fits-all solutions are insufficient for meeting the complex demands of NYC schools. We believe that understanding what NYC educators need requires working with them. The Portal is the result of more than 7 years of collaborative research and development with NYC educators to build tools that respond to their day-to-day needs and NYC-specific policy and practice.

Key features of the Portal

  • Blended learning

    Monitor Google Classroom engagement and coursework, along with Google Hangouts engagement, DOE device access, and learning preference.

  • Attendance

    Identify students who need attendance supports. Attendance dashboards are updated daily based on STARS and ATS to provide an accurate picture of attendance patterns within the school.

  • Formative assessment tracking

    Add formative assessment data, such as Fountas and Pinnell, to allow teachers and school leaders to provide targeted reading instruction for all students and identify students in need of extra reading support.

  • Supports

    Identify groups of students who need a specific intervention and assign them to a Support to easily monitor progress.

  • PDF reports

    Download printable PDF reports to share and inform conversations around supporting students.

Key information

  • Demographics
  • Attendance
  • F&P formative assessment data
  • 3-8 NYS assessments
  • Blended learning coursework and engagement
  • Blended learning

    Monitor Google Classroom engagement and coursework, along with Google Hangouts engagement, DOE device access, and learning preference.

  • Attendance

    Identify students who need attendance supports. Use attendance dashboards, updated daily based on STARS and ATS, to provide an accurate picture of attendance patterns.

  • Graduation planning

    Identify aspirational diploma plans and graduation dates for individual students. Monitor students’ progress towards their plans based on school-based course and exam sequencing.

  • Course planning

    Ensure students remain on track for graduation by checking students' current programs and transcripts against your school's custom grad planning metrics. Export any program updates made in the Portal into STARS.

  • Marking period grade analysis

    Identify students who are in danger of failing or underperforming in courses and assign them to Supports.

  • Regents planning

    Review and schedule students for Regents exams, taking into account all available pathways to reaching their graduation goals. Easily export any exam changes made in the Portal into STARS.

  • Regents preparation

    Review students scheduled for upcoming Regents administrations and plan instructional activities to support student success.

Key information

  • Demographics
  • Attendance
  • Regents scores
  • Credit accumulation
  • Marking period grades
  • Blended learning coursework and engagement
  • About

    Postsecondary features equip school leaders, counselors, teachers, and approved partners to plan a Postsecondary future with students, and measure progress towards the key experiences and milestones that will empower them to succeed in that plan.

  • Milestones

    Keep track of key milestones designed to prepare students for life after high school. This includes milestones for career awareness and preparation, financial aid, and the college and career application process.

  • Activities

    Monitor the completion of Activities, where students gain in-depth experiences such as work-based learning, job training, and service learning. Identify students who are not planned for Activities and ensure they get the experiences that will help them succeed in a Postsecondary plan.

  • Postsecondary choice: college and career

    Manage a Postsecondary list for students that includes colleges and careers, and use milestones as a guide for the application process. Ensure that each planned graduate has a final postsecondary plan.

Key information

  • College Readiness
  • College and career lists
  • Milestone completion
  • Financial aid completion (FAFSA & TAP)
  • Activities for career development
  • CDOS & WBL hours
  • About

    The Portal is not just for school-based staff. School partners include Department of Education district staff, Affinity network coaches, and approved partners who work with groups of schools, and they also benefit from streamlined access to data while working to support students and educators.

  • Integrated Data

    Seamlessly move between different school-level Portals where school staff track performance and enter plans, and network-level views that aggregate key data across a caseload of schools.

  • Network Dashboard

    Quickly access the key data points required to support a caseload of schools, including Demographic, Graduation, Attendance, State Exams, Credits, and more in one single place. Use the Dashboard to compare metrics across schools and subpopulations.

About New Visions

New Visions for Public Schools believes that great public schools should be common in New York City. All of New York City’s students deserve public schools that make successful futures possible, especially Black, Latinx, and low-income students who have historically had inequitable access to a transformative public education.

For three decades, we have worked alongside educators, students and families, understanding their hopes and aspirations and the barriers that get in the way of achieving them, then developing innovative tools and strategies so that student success isn’t left up to chance. Today, we operate ten public charter schools in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens, and as a trusted partner of the NYC DOE, we help over 1,000 public district schools plan for the success of over 600,000 students citywide.

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